The Top 10 FREE Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Apps!
The latest rankings updated hourly, direct from the Apple U.S. iTunes apps store (updated October 13, 2015, 2:18 pm ET).
Free Apple Watch Apps
1.Find&Save - Retail Rebates and Discounts for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Paypal 
2.Fitness Point - Workout Exercise Journal & Personal Trainer + Body Tracker + Apple Watch 
3.MyRadar Weather Radar – Forecast, Storms, and Earthquakes 
4.Mac Life: the ultimate Apple magazine 
5.Remote TV Controller for Samsung Smart TV and Apple Watch 
6.Battery Watch for Apple Watch 
7.Knock – unlock your Mac without a password using your iPhone and Apple Watch 
8.Compass Free 
9.Remote Control for LG Smart TV (webos) for Apple Watch 
10.Yahoo News Digest 
Free iPhone/iPod Apps
1.The Walking Dead: No Man's Land - Next Games Oy 
2.Messenger - Facebook, Inc. 
3.Smashy Road: Wanted - Remco Kortenoever 
4.Facebook - Facebook, Inc. 
5.Instagram - Instagram, Inc. 
6.YouTube - Google, Inc. 
7.Netflix - Netflix, Inc. 
8.Snapchat - Snapchat, Inc. 
9.iTunes U - Apple 
10.Pandora - Free Music & Radio - Pandora Media, Inc. 
Free iPad Apps
1.The Walking Dead: No Man's Land - Next Games Oy 
2.Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom - SEGA 
3.Smashy Road: Wanted - Remco Kortenoever 
4.Messenger - Facebook, Inc. 
5.YouTube - Google, Inc. 
6.Google - Google, Inc. 
7.Calculator for iPad Free - International Travel Weather Calculator 
8.Facebook - Facebook, Inc. 
9.Google Docs - Google, Inc. 
10.Chrome - web browser by Google - Google, Inc. 
Paid iPhone/iPod Apps
1.Minecraft: Pocket Edition - Mojang$6.99
2.Plague Inc. - Ndemic Creations$0.99
3.PAUSE - Relaxation at your fingertip - ustwo?$1.99
4.Geometry Dash - RobTop Games AB$1.99
5.Heads Up! - Warner Bros.$0.99
6.New Emoji - Extra Emoji Stickers - Emoji Apps GmbH$1.99
7.Scribblenauts Remix - Warner Bros.$0.99
8.7 Minute Workout Challenge - Fitness Guide Inc$2.99
9.Facetune - Lightricks Ltd.$3.99
10.PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist - Outerminds Inc.$4.99
Paid iPad Apps
1.Minecraft: Pocket Edition - Mojang$6.99
2.Lucky Craft ( Build Battle Edition )- BLOCK MINI GAME Survival Hunter with Multiplayer - Patyi Kati$1.99
3.Geometry Dash - RobTop Games AB$1.99
4.Scribblenauts Remix - Warner Bros.$0.99
5.Super Sharp - 1Button SARL$1.99
6.Terraria - 505 Games (US), Inc.$4.99
7.Sago Mini Babies - Sago Sago$2.99
8.Plague Inc. - Ndemic Creations$0.99
9.Five Nights at Freddys 4 - Scott Cawthon$2.99
10.XtraMath - XtraMath$4.99
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